Katya Kalashnikova (ketiiiiiiii) wrote,
Katya Kalashnikova

Консультации по ведению бизнеса в Канаде

Друзья,  у нас появился крутой бизнес - тренер, Patrick Charlton

Patrick shares  passion for Sales, Client Engagement, Business Management & Marketing as a professor for The School of Business at Algonquin College. As an entrepreneur, Patrick helps professionals feel more comfortable with connecting with their ideal customers so that they can build better business results. He does this by offering coaching and training services using proven tools and methodologies. A founding board member and former president of Sales Professionals of Ottawa helps keep Patrick engaged with the sales community.

Specialties: I am continually focused on building and enabling high performance teams with the goal of maximizing sales and customer service initiatives.

Реально обалденный чувак, дороговато , правда , 35 $ за 60 мин, но , он просто гуру в бизнесе,  MBA собой заменяет, не пожалеете!

Рекомендую, кстати , его тренинги для компаний, 50 $ , групповой урок.

Запись по почте glasha.consulting@gmail.com

Всем добра!

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