Katya Kalashnikova (ketiiiiiiii) wrote,
Katya Kalashnikova

Новый учитель в скайп-школе GLASHA

Это - Николь.


My name is Nicole Wright. I'm from a small town in the state of New York in the USA . I have nearly 2 years of experience teaching English as a Second Language. I began teaching English in August 2012 as a volunteer in a community-based English Learner's program. I attended training and taught two private students for almost a year. In December 2012, I was contracted by Open English as an Online English Teacher and performed in a variety of roles for that company. I concluded my time there in February 2014 when I was offered a position at Education First (English Town), also online, to be a Bilingual English Teacher. Throughout this time, and presently, I also have taught many private classes online for friends and acquaintances. I love connecting with people from other countries through culture and language. I am trilingual and interested in learning a fourth language. Because of this, I know firsthand what the struggles of learning a new language are and how to overcome them.

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