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Иммиграционный консультант

Культурный шок

иа открыл подарок друга
и испытал культурный шок
никто ни разу не проверил
© Kurt & Олег Порошко

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promo ketiiiiiiii april 20, 2013 09:54 8
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Скайп-школа "GLASHA" приглашает на дистанционные уроки развития разговорных навыков с преподавателями из стран англосферы.

We need an English teacher
Dear colleagues,

Glasha Skype School provides Skype lessons for Russian-speaking students. We need an English teacher.

What we expect from you:

1.English is your native language

2.You have finished your studies in CELTA or related ( TESOL or Masters in Education in English)

3.You have gained not less than 2 years of experience in the field of education

4.Fast internet connection

What we offer:

Our rate is $20 USD for a 60 minutes lesson. Lesson duration may vary based on student level. Some lessons are 30 minutes. Some lessons are 90 minutes.

Usually, we offer a free trial 15-30 min lesson for new students. So student and teacher can see each other, understand level and agree on further lessons.

We transfer money via PayPal.

So, if you are interested, please send your Skype ID and availability by email glashaskypeschool@gmail.com

As well as send us your sort bio with photo. You can see samples of bios at http://glasha.biz/skypeschool/english/