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Новый суперский учитель английского в скайп школе GLASHA . Рекомендую!

Hi, my name is Glenn Seaton and I am a native English. I am a fully qualified teacher having passed the Cambridge CELTA and TEFL MA with distinction at Birmingham University. I have taught at Strasbourg University, privately in South Korea and currently offer Skype lessons. I love teaching all ages from kids to adults.


I also have an MBA and have many years experience working for UCI Cinemas and Kodak as European Manager. I have also run my own house renting business for 15 years. This may be of use for anyone wishing to learn business English. Teaching office slang that workers use to establish working relationships is an important aspect too often overlooked in business English and is therefore something I focus on as part of the course.

I strongly believe in providing a fun and stress free experience for learners. People remember more when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Learning a language is not easy and you need the right level of support to help you gain confidence. Improving your vocabulary is vital and is arguably more important than grammar. You can make yourself understood with a grammatical error but a conversation can break down in seconds if you use the wrong word. I specialise in vocabulary acquisition and use a variety of techniques. Learning words is fascinating. Some words just seem to stick straight away while others can be forgotten twenty times without reason.

When I ask my students what English skill they wish to improve the answer is always speaking and learning vocabulary. This is quite normal as speaking offers the most enjoyable experience for using a second language. To facilitate this my lessons use a communicative method of teaching. Come on….let’s get talking!

От себя добавлю, что Гленн удивительно позитивный, доброжелательный и терпеливый преподаватель. Уроки с ним чрезвычайно интересны, поскольку он имеет широкий кругозор, очень располагает к себе и детей и взрослых. Кроме этого он гордится своим русским дедушкой и готов делиться своими рецептами французской кухни! :)

В расписании у него есть еще свободные окошки, запись здесь

Стоимость от 13 $ за 30 мин. Тестовый урок бесплатный.

И, пользуясь случаем, я хотела бы прорекламировать еще одну сторону деятельности Глена:
Proof reading Services

Our aim is to provide a personal and tailor made service to meet your needs. We can proof read your cv, cover letter, conference introduction, PhD thesis, dissertations, journal articles, research proposals and other professional documents.

Changes are tracked (spelling, grammar, formatting, etc.), so you can follow what is being done, and comments inserted to flag any wider issues where your input is needed. We cover more than just basic proofreading. We’ll improve and provide the clarity, sentence structure, and academic style of English where appropriate.

We set a fixed rate per thousand words, and the price remains the same irrespective of the amount of corrections required.

We have helped many senior academics including professors and researchers by proofreading their written work before it was accepted for publication. We have helped many students pass their course. A proof read dissertation can be the difference between a pass and a fail. It can be the difference between a commendation and a distinction. A lecturer at Birmingham University talks for all lecturers when she said they have tight deadlines and they hate poorly written assignments. It results in a lower grade.

We guarantee your privacy and your details will never be shared with anyone.

You are welcome!
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Скайп-школа "GLASHA" приглашает на дистанционные уроки развития разговорных навыков с преподавателями из стран англосферы.
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