Katya Kalashnikova (ketiiiiiiii) wrote,
Katya Kalashnikova

бабло перестало побеждать зло...

Все ждали новых «анти-санкций»...
Первые анти-санкции коснулись моцареллы, пармезана и фуа-гра. Частично – кружевных трусов. К первому апреля запретят чеснок.
А где же новые анти-санкции, о которых все время говорили большеви... сорри, «партия зла»?
А оказалось – во оно как... Новые анти-санкции – это просто отбирание денег.

Вот ежедневная рассылка клиентам от трейдера Газпромбанк по результатам торгового дня..

Another hit to shareholder confidence in Russia as news hit the tape yesterday evening that AFK Sistema owner Mr. Evtushenkov was put under house arrest on suspicion of money laundering. Sistema's stock plunged 39%, MTS in Moscow closed 7% lower, and Bashneft common 21% and pref 20% lower. Sistema's debt also fell sharply at the morning opening with YTM reaching some 12.5% in USD terms. It all looks like a Yukos deja vue. Many questions, no answers, and most clients are scratching their heads and asking what will happen to Bashneft next. But still there is no panic, thanks to the overall Russia market cheapness and underperformance. RTS closing below the 1200 and Micex losing almost 2%. Steels and Nickel having a good day as well as both of the Big Banks. With this kind of background, it’s very difficult to be bullish on Russia. Our traders believe that opportunistic investors can still make money in Russia equities, though the number of investment ideas has certainly left missing of a couple of good names.


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