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Новый учитель итальянского языка в скайп-школе GLASHA


My name is Lusi Brace. I am from Toronto, Canada. I am an LLB graduate from Queen Mary Law School University of London, England. I also have an Honors Bachelor of Arts in English and Italian Language from York University, in Toronto. In 2011, I also completed my Bachelor of Education from York University. I am a certified, intermediate-senior teacher. My teachable subjects are English, Italian and legal studies. I have taught in high schools and elementary schools in Toronto and also have held private tutoring with students who needed to improve their English and/or prepare for IELTS. Apart from my classroom experience, I also have four years online teaching experience. I have taught students from different ages (7 years old to 55+ years old), from different backgrounds, gender and culture. I have taught every day English, business English, IELTS, pronunciation, writing, speaking, comprehension and anything else related to English. I always accommodate my student’s needs and try my best to help them reach their goals. I am a firm believer that anything is possible. I love creating ways to help students achieve their learning goals. I am very flexible, understanding and supportive. I am also a part-time writer as I am hoping to publish my poetry collection in the near future. I love to travel and have been around Europe, Canada, and the US. I like meeting new people, learning about new cultures and traditions. I love literature, science, music and of course legal studies. I am a passionate advocate of human rights and love having intellectual debates about various topics with people. My motto in life is simple: Don’t dream it, BE it!

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