Katya Kalashnikova (ketiiiiiiii) wrote,
Katya Kalashnikova

Умилила реакция наших преподавателей на наш кризис :)

"On another subject, I see your rouble is in big trouble at the moment, and will be for quite some time. If it's better for you pay me in GBP then it's ok. I hope your country can recover, many people are suffering now"

Правда есть другие предложения:

[16.12.2014 22:59:51] Glenn Seaton "Why don't we put you on my schedule on the basis of "no conflicting student scheduled".

Your lessons will be complementary.

I'm usually always here during those hours - and it would be no effort to give you a lesson."

Или вот, например:

[16.12.2014 23:50:53] Will Harper: I'll continue to teach you, free, when I have an open lesson on my schedule, that you can use. I'll continue to teach you, free, when I have an open lesson on my schedule, that you can use."

Приятно, черт побери :)

[12:03:26] franciscoluquearanda: "I don´t mind 1 or 2 dolar less per class"

[ 16:02:41] A. Wells: Don’t apologize. It is not your fault. I feel sorry for your situation. I hope things improve soon.

[ 15:59:15] Shahin Nemati: I feel bad for you because it must be tough trying to keep students with the economic troubles.


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