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Новый учитель в скайп-школе GLASHA

My name is Annaliese Ludwig, and I am a native British English speaker from the beautiful country of New Zealand.

Annaliese photo

I am very passionate about the English language and about learning to communicate well. Learning English opens up so many possibilities including: travel, meeting new friends, as well as business and study opportunities. I enjoy helping my students to become excited about learning English, and the culture that comes along with it.

I currently live in Panama City, Panama. I have lived and taught English in various parts of the world including Australia, Europe and Latin America. In Berlin, Germany

I taught Business English and Grammar improvement classes to adults at the 'Volkshochschule' (centre for continuing education). I taught 3 hour classes and was responsible for designing lessons, setting homework and grammar points and preparing students for examinations. I also worked as a personal English Tutor for various professionals in the Berlin metro area. I worked with school aged children at a specialist English improvement camp in the Brandenburg area (rural Berlin).

I myself am also bilingual (I speak German) and understand the frustrations and needs of new language learners. I always take these into consideration when planning and teaching my classes. My objective is always to help students feel confident and excited about practising the new skills and vocabulary they learn in class
I love getting to know my new students whether young or old, professionals or students. I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you on your exciting journey learning English.

P.S. Преподаватель специально "заточен" для работы со студентами из Китая и Японии, то есть может работать с 2 часов ночи по Москве.

You are welcome :)

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