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Биржа труда GLASHA

Друзья! Не зря вы учили английский в нашей Скайп-школе Глаша . Сегодня мы открываем биржу труда :)

Вакансии простенькие, зато работать можно из дома по скайпу и по скользящему графику из любого города России (нужен только интернет). З/п от 100-200 долларов, работа от 4-6 часов.

Требуются англоговорящие (не обязательно хорошо) работники для всякого общения по телефону типа call-center. Платят не сильно много, зато в долларах.

По поводу помощи в подготовке резюме обращайтесь


По поводу подготовки к интервью так же

glasha.consulting@gmail.com, тел. 8-916-808-93-47, скайп kkalashnikova

Итак, первая вакансия:

Call Centre Representative
Job Information
Department: Nelson Education Job Type: Regular Employee
Location Nelson: Ontario-Toronto Schedule: Full-Time
The Company

Nelson Education Ltd. is Canada’s leading educational Publisher providing innovative products and solutions for learners of all ages. Nelson values and respects the lifelong learning continuum and dedicates its business efforts to the diverse learning needs of students and educators alike.

The Division

The Operations Division is comprised of the Customer Support, Supply Chain Management and Facilities Management functions. Leading performance in terms of order cycle time, accuracy, and call answer rate is the result of a continuous improvement approach. The Supply Chain Management functions consist of Distribution, Transportation and Agency Inventory Service departments. Facilities Management is responsible to ensure the working environment is productive and that workplace safety standards are maintained in accordance with workplace and legislative requirements.

The Position

This position is responsible for customer support over the phone in both the School and Higher Education Divisions. The successful candidate will demonstrate a passion for learning and knowledge transfer to our customers.

Core Values

It is essential that all employees exhibit a positive attitude that reflects a collaborative, current, driven to win, disciplined and customer focused approach at Nelson Education.

Duties and Responsibilities

Responding efficiently and accurately to all customer inquiries and concerns by telephone, and back up for fax, email and mail
Vital communication link between customers; sales; and publishing departments
Continuous problem solving skills necessary and the ability to think quickly on your feet
Provide accurate product information and inform customers of related saleable supplements
Ensure customer emails are responded to within 24 hours, as required
Attend information sessions; participate in cross-functional teams and conferences
Perform accurate order entry, gratis, and return/credit functions
Periodic overtime may be required during peak season
Other duties as required

Knowledge, Skills and Aptitude

A post-secondary education and/or equivalent work experience
Exceptional customer service skills, demonstrating a professional tone at all times
Excellent well-developed oral and written communication skills
Responsive, proactive and interpersonal – enjoys exceeding customer expectations
The ability to listen, focus and provide the most appropriate course of action or resolution
Enjoys working independently as well as collaborating with peers
Digitally savvy with trouble-shooting ability and confidence to think quickly on one’s feet
Strong problem solving skills – enjoys thinking outside the box
Excellent PC, MS Office and Internet skills
Able to work the designated shift (10am to 6pm) with periodic overtime during peak season
Strong organizational skills with a keen eye for detail
The ability to multi-task and to recharge daily
Call center experience an asset

Please email your resume in confidence glasha.consulting@gmail.com

Добро пожаловать!

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