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Новый учитель в скайп школе GLASHA

My name is Micah Sabol. Do you like Skype? I wouldn’t say that this is the most optimum way to work with people. But for the world that we live in, this is the only way for many people to interact. And since we are being shuffled around the world, it is a very practical and easy way to learn English. So we have to adapt to this new technique. So about myself: I have the usual Bachelor of Arts degree and TEFL certificate. Everyone and their grandma must have that now as well as a degree in something.

So what do you think about the local English language school. I will tell you that a lot of them seem to be just generating good emotions. People going for some type of connection with each other and that’s about it. To feel good about the school, to feel good about yourself, and to feel good about life, and laugh and joke together-these are all good things; but, there is only one problem, nobody can speak or listen to English very well.

How many times has this happened where I’ve gone to a local school into their advanced class, ADVANCED CLASS; And, I’ve played something on a CNN clip or drama documentary. Not my voice, because they say, “Oh, you’re American voice, you don’t speak with a British accent.” Well, I can try to speak with a British accent. What about CNN, the BBC, can you listen to that? No. No. No. They don’t understand this stuff, they don’t understand this phrase, and they don’t understand this phrasal verb.

Well, what do they understand? Basically, they’ve been walked through grammar books for a long time, which has its benefits, because it gives them a foundation point where they can build on their language ability. Usually, it only takes four or five months to make really solid progress.

So this is my job, no smoke and mirrors. I push students to learn and speak in English in a short period of time. To speak in English, not trying to sound smart and use a lot of different phrases, but to be able to ask a lot of questions and make everything clear. To be able to understand pretty much everything, this is really even more important.

I know there are a lot of young teachers who seem to radiate a lot of energy, but I’ve yet to meet students who have a good foundation in speaking and listening skills. Many young ladies seem to dominate this field; young people are used to being taught by women. The men too can just come into a class and talk and talk and talk.

I’m interested in getting real language comprehension in listening and speaking. This is what I want to accomplish with every student. I’ve been here in Russia for over 12 years teaching in universities, presidents of banks and companies, students of all ages. So let’s do it. Give it a chance, unless you’re looking for the usual young person to sit and talk with, in which case, you better keep looking. At any rate, nice to meet you!

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