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Наш ответ кризису: находим работу за евро

We are looking for a MARKETING DIRECTOR to join our team in Vilnius (Lithuania). Plag is potentially the next big thing in social networks. Its funding is secure, its performance indicators are excellent.

We are working on the evolution of the outdated principles of social networks. We envision Plag as an information network. It still needs to be developed to realise its full potential. Plag will have a strong and vibrant ideology so it’s essential to be able to tell a story and understand the principles of behavioural sociology and crowd psychology. You should be ready and willing to lead the audience of Plag according to our vision, using both offline and online methods.

⁃ Great skills as a storyteller and copywriter
⁃ Experience in growth management for both web and mobile
⁃ Experience in user acquisition through various channels, both free and paid
⁃ Management skills – you will staff and lead your marketing team
⁃ Ability to clearly and concisely formulate ideas
⁃ Good or fluent English is a must
⁃ Relevant experience is a must, ad agency experience a plus
⁃ Relocation costs coverage and EU residence permit etc. will be provided if needed

Contact me at zudin@plag.com.

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