Katya Kalashnikova (ketiiiiiiii) wrote,
Katya Kalashnikova

И Sean Ross, молодой , подающий надежды учитель для подростков :)

Hello! My name is Sean. I was born and raised in the United States of America but I have been teaching English for the last 4 years to a wide range of students in different countries. These countries include Taiwan, Nepal, and Thailand. I really love my students and I try my very best to cater to their English learning needs so that they are satisfied with my classes. I believe students can enjoy learning English when the teacher is enthusiastic and has an honest motivation to help the student learn. I try to speak so as to make students understand me and have an understanding of the perspective of the students when it comes to what it takes to learn a language. This is because I have studied many languages myself. I value my students and see teaching as an evolutionary process where both teacher and student are learning new things in each lesson.
I also really enjoy meeting new students from all over the world and sharing my knowledge of English. It is always interesting and both teacher and student are certain to learn many new and useful things for their everyday life.


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