Katya Kalashnikova (ketiiiiiiii) wrote,
Katya Kalashnikova

I can't promise cookies :)

I am looking for multitasking person to manage the overall marketing / sales stuff. The partial list of tasks:
- Manage the existing clients DB
- Bring new contacts from web/meetings / out-of-the box thinking
- Prepare towards exhibitions
- Manage the website / FB page
- Manage back office operation.
- Flexible mind with a proven fast learning skills
- Pro-activity as a part of life style
- University degree (marketing knowledge a plus)
- Networking skills
- English like a native
- Ability to travel abroad
The position could be based on remote relationship, but the other option it's an offices in Haifa or Riga.
I can't promise cookies, like a big company, but I promise to be the part of multinational team with a great passion for success.
Send me your CV - info@greenocean.nl

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