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Землятресение в Эквадоре. Последние новости о наших преподавателях, проживающих в Cuenca

[8:12:05]  Andrew Wells: I am okay. We lost electricity. Minor damage in my area mostly. My wife is visiting her hometown the city of Manta and they had some of the worst damage there. She was with my two children when it happened and saw a huge building collapse, and a lot of other damage. We are fortunate they weren't hurt, but there have been several deaths in that area. My wife and kids are with a large group of friends taking refuge outside the worst of the disaster area. I hope to be reunited with them soon.

[7:27:38] Lee : Hi Katya
[7:27:40] Lee: Yes Im ok
[7:27:59] Lee: thanks

Будем на связи! Как известно, зачастую, наши учителя ведут уроки в самых непростых обстоятельствах, таких как теракт в Канаде в октябре 2014 года или в Париже в 13 ноября 2015 года

Вышел на связь и Уилл Харпер:

Yes.  The earthquake was apparently very strong, but it hit in an isolated area of beaches on the coast.  Actual  damage was 1 bridge collapsed and the roof of 1 shopping mall collapsed.
We "saw it', but there was virtually no effect here.  Cuenca is actually pretty stable.  No earthquakes and no active volcanos. The Andes mountains are continually GROWING, however, creating earth faults, up-risings and missing parts of roads, and broken houses.

Самуэль прислал видео:


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