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Новые преподаватели английского в скайп школе GLASHA . Часть 3


Joel was born in America, and now lives in Spain. He is a certified TEFL teacher who has years of experience teaching online. Joel also speaks Spanish and Portuguese.

Joel loves to teach. He always tries to make his students feel comfortable and happy since he is convinced that if students feel comfortable and well taken care of, they'll be more receptive and eager to learn.



Jazmin is a native English teacher from Texas, USA. She graduated in 2009 and received a degree to teach English as a Second Language.

Jazmin loves reading, watching movies, hiking, visiting the beach, swimming, and especially singing and listening to music. She likes to use music to help teach the English Language. Her goal is to help you learn to think in English, and she uses different methods to help her students according to their particular needs.

Liam is a TEFL qualified native English teacher with more than 2 years experience. He recently got back from Thailand where he enjoyed teaching English to locals.

Liam has also learned Dutch, so he knows how difficult learning a new language can be. He uses his experience as both a language learner and an English teacher to provide the best possible learning experience.

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Скайп-школа "GLASHA" приглашает на дистанционные уроки развития разговорных навыков с преподавателями из стран англосферы.
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